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Here at Veggie Vita, we are a local family owned business in the suburbs of Chicago IL. With more of our family and friends transitioning to healthier eating styles, we noticed a lack of Vegetarian options that taste good, reduce waste, and promote heathy eating habits. So we created our own unique pizza options for everyone to enjoy!

We are dedicated to using clean ingredients that are flavorful, plant-based, and up-cycled.

– Veggie Vita Family

Customer Reviews


I have been vegetarian seven years now and by far Veggie Vita is the best alternative to meat pizza I have ever had. The sausage tasted like an Italian meat sausage, “blink” and you may be fooled. The taste with every bite is like the pizza straight out of a restaurant! Overall a HIGH FIVE!

I could live on these

It’s no cracker crust. Definitely substantial and satisfying. I get 4 meals per pie (because who cuts into 5ths?), and the veggie meats are flavorful and juicy. The malted grains in the crust give a hint of sweetness, too. I could live on these.

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