Our Process

Here at Veggie Vita, our goal is to reduce waste while giving you a one of a kind taste! That’s why we created our signature Up-Cycled Spent Grain – Malted Barley Crust.

We also use 100% Vegetarian ingredients in all of our toppings and sauces, providing a delicious and healthy pizza option for everyone!

Spent Grain – Malted Barley

Spent Grain – Malted Barley, is created during the brewing process. As the Sugar is removed from the grain, the levels of protein and fiber increase, creating heath-promoted nutrients. This spent grain is normally thrown away and considered waste after production, but we have found a way to incorporate that by-product, along with our olive oil and honey blend, to support the Up-Cycled food movement!

Plant-based Toppings

Veggie Buffalo Cauliflower

Veggie Sausage & Red Peppers

Veggie Chorizo Supreme

Veggie Mediterranean

Unique Sauces

Veggie Vita gives you bold and unique sauces in addition to our traditional red sauce!

Our buffalo sauce gives the perfect amount of flavor and heat with a half ranch and half hot sauce blend.

Our salsa sauce combines a flavorful mix of spices and vegetables.

Our hummus sauce is a smooth blend of roasted red peppers and chickpeas.


We only use cheese that is free of rBST growth hormones.